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"Beet girls" in Sakskøbing

Around year 1900 a large group of Polish immigrants - mostly young women - came to Denmark to work here. For many of these persons concerned they worked on the islands of Lolland and Falster in the fields of sugar beets, and one started to call them “roepiger”, which means “beet girls”. In the year of 1940 the sculpture “Roepigerne” or “The Beet Girls” - created by the sculptor Gottfred Eickhoff - was erected in Sakskøbing, which is placed on Lolland. It was created in memory of the Polish immigrants, who at that time by and large had become respected and fully integrated members of the society.

  • "Beet girls" in Sakskøbing
  • "Beet girls" in Sakskøbing
  • "Beet girls" in Sakskøbing

The celebration of the 75th anniversary for Eickhoffs sculpture was held between the 25th and the 27th November 2015. On the 25th of November the expert on Polish immigration Søren Kolstrup told about the Polish immigrants’ history since 1892 till today at Saxenhus in Sakskøbing. The 27th of November Sakskøbing Tambour-Corps, Brass Band and an exhibition on the sugar beets production on Lolland contributed to the festivities surrounding the anniversary.

The 27th of November was also the day, where the celebrations culminated with the unveiling of a plaque in memory of the Polish “beet girls” and their great contribution to the development of the local society. Speeches were also held. The Polish ambassador - who had visited Museum Polakkasernen previously that day - surprised everyone and won the applause of the audience, when she performed nearly all of her speech in Danish (she had only been ambassador for 14 days, but had worked for the Østersø-council in Copenhagen in 2003). The mayor in the municipality of Guldborgsund John Brædder gave a detailed presentation of the beet Poles’ and the “beet girls’” history.



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